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Part #

  Item Picture Price Shipping within Continental USA

1992 to 4/28/93 (D)
4/29/93 to 6/22/94 (D)
6/23/94-1995 (D)
1996  IH-R5012515 (D)
1997  IH-R4848702AG (D)
1998  IH-R4854704AE (D)
1999  IH-4848924AE (D)
2000   IH-4865406AD (D)
2001  JU-4865667AG  (JU)
2002  IH-5029712AB (D)

2001-2002 ABS

Dodge Viper (1992-2002), V-10 Engine Controller Module  PCM / ECM

Engine controller device for Dodge Viper RT/10 & GTS V-10 engine.  Dodge no longer makes PCM's or the Dodge Viper 1992-2002. 
We have access to rebuilt PCM's. 

Dodge Viper Gen 2 (1996-2002) PCM
Your PCM will come programmed including the VIN and mileage.
If you buy a Viper Gen2 PCM it includes a core deposit.  If you send us back the old PCM and it is viable (rebuildable) we refund you up to $300.00 (see address below). 

If you choose the Programmed Option - We will need to know:
- exact mileage.
$ 300.00 *Core Charge included on Viper Gen2 PCM's
(*Once we receive your original PCM/ECM back and it is inspected, you will refunded the value based on the condition of the PCM.  Up to $300.00 will be refunded). 

Dodge Viper Gen 1 (1992-1996) PCM*
To buy a Viper Gen1 PCM you must send us your old one first (see address below).  We will completely rebuild or replace all of the interior electronics and circuit board.  This process takes about 6 weeks.
Return PCM core to:
The Viper Store
Attn:  Core Return
13721 Linden Drive
Spring Hill, FL 34609

You must include a note with your name, address, phone number and amount of deposit you are due.

Limited warranty information - Click Here.

Viper Gen 2 PCM Part Numbers & Processor Codes

1996; 1997: 1998: 1999: 2000: 2001: 2002:
4763639 4848702AA 4854704AA 4848924AA 4865406AA 4865667AA 5029712AA
4848741 4848702AB 4854704AB 4848924AB 4865406AB 4865667AB 5029712AB
4848837 4848702AC 4854704AC 4848924AC 4865406AC 4865667AC  
4848837AA 4848702AD 4854704AD 4848924AD 4865406AD 4865667AD  
4886790 4848702AE 4854704AE 4848924AE   4865667AE  
5014154AA 4848702AF       4865667AF  
5012515 4848702AG       4865667AG

Viper Gen1 PCM Part Numbers & Processor Codes

(up to 02/10/94
(after 02/10/94)
4708421 4709024 4709383 4763555

Viper 1996-2002 PCM

Viper 1992-1995 PCM

We will call you with specific information we will need once you order.

NOTE:  PCM's for 1996-2002 cars are located under a cover on the Driver side in front of the door hinge secured to the toe box. procedure

Dodge Viper Gen 2 (1996-2002) PCM
starting at:

$ 1,495.00* and up
Includes 300.00 core deposit*

Price and availability subject to change without notice

*Viper Gen2 PCM's have a $300.00 core charge included. Once you send us your old viable PCM back to us  and it is inspected you will be refunded up to $300.00.

You will need to call us with  your VIN and mileage.
(352) 688 8160 M-F

Choose year:


Special Order 
NOT Refundable

Dodge Viper Gen 2 (1996-2002) PCM
2-3 week delivery


Dodge Viper Gen 1 (1992-1996) PCM*
*you must send us your old PCM first.

Choose Item


Special Order 
NOT Refundable

Dodge Viper Gen 1 (1992-1996) PCM
3 week delivery

**Call us for more details:
352 688 8160 M-F, EST

If you are having trouble ordering online: Please call us at 352 688 8160

$ 39.95

UPS Ground 

We welcome our many Overseas Customers!
More Shipping Info Click Here







$ 59.95

UPS Ground 

We welcome our many Overseas Customers!
More Shipping Info Click Here






Dodge Viper (1992-2002), PCM / ECM  Engine controller Diagnostic Service and/or Repair Service

We are the world specialists in Dodge Viper V-10  PCM repair.
This service is for you to send us your Viper PCM and for us to inspect, test and analysis it.  We sill determine the repairs and give you the cost to repair it. 

Please BEWARE:   We have encountered countless experiences where RAM SRT/10 owners have sent their PCM for diagnose and repair to an online company, only to be told they can't fix it or receive it back in worse shape than before.
Once we Service your PCM here are your Options:
1.  If you deem the repair cost to be too much you may purchase a new PCM from us.  You may use your old PCM as a core and not pay a core charge (unless we receive your old PCM is complete destroyed).  

2.  Full repair service is available.  We will provide you a full repair service based on the quote from our lab.
Service includes diagnosis.  Repair is additional based on estimate from lab.  A typical repair cost is an additional $350.00 to $450.00. 
Our average is 90% of the time we can repair it. 

3.  You may elect to have no further work done and we will return your PCM to you.

Print this form and tape it to your PCM.  Ensure your PCM is well packed and insured and send via UPS to us at:
The Viper Store
Attn:  PCM Repair
13721 Linden Drive
Spring Hill, FL 34609
(352) 688 8160

We will need to know:
-Exact mileage
-Codes it is throwing
-Include  your name, address,  phone, email

See limited warranty - Click Here


Diagnostic and/or Repair SERVICE
We specialize in Dodge Viper Repairs!
for your PCM Engine Controller

A Viper PCM opened up for inspection

$ 369.00* See final pricing below



Special Service 
NOT Refundable

2-3 week delivery time

$369.00* plus shipping to diagnosis.  This also covers your total cost if the PCM can not be fixed or there is nothing wrong with it.
If it can not be fixed or there is nothing wrong then get refunded 50% of fee.


$369.00* plus shipping PLUS Repair fee.  Repair Fee is typically $350.00-$450.00 more.  We won't know the exact amount of repair until after it is completed.

 If you are having trouble ordering online: Please call us at 352 688 8160
PRINT this form
and fill out include with PCM

$ 69.95
Includes $2,500 insurance

UPS Ground 

We welcome our many Overseas Customers!
More Shipping Info Click Here



Want a Performance Tune for you PCM / ECM?  -  Click Here


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