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Some 'latest' of the Hundreds of Emails and questions we get.......

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When are you coming out with new products?

We have many new products in development or testing with new parts coming out continuously.  Watch our site!

I want to buy the stock stereo for my 2002 Viper.  Where can I get it?

Stereos for that year Viper and not available any more.  This is an older obsolete stereo.  It will be cheaper and you will have a much more up to date stereo buy taking your Viper to your local car stereo shop.  They will give you all your options.

What do you think of me buying this is a 1994 Viper?

I recommend staying away from Generation 1 Vipers (92-96).  They are impossible to get parts for and old electronics. 
They also did not come with glass side windows or a hard top. 

For many reasons I reommend1999-2002 Viper. 
These Vipers have a Hard top, they are OBDII compatible, they have a PCM that can be fixed, they have more horsepower, they upgrade suspension.  They are much easier to find parts for.
See more info here:


If I want to add a rumble to my Viper what do I buy?

If you just want a great sound and a little extra HP (10-20HP) a Cat back exhaust system is the way to go.  It is the muffler and cats that change the sound.  The stock ones are restrictive and don't sound very good.  We sell all the best brands.
What is the most cost effective way to add 0-60 speed for my RAM SRT10?

The most bang for your buck is to have your PCM tuned directly by our lab it is a whopping gain of  70-80HP!.  We go into the dodge software in your PCM and upgrade the parameters to performance.  It has many advantages including a cooler running engine, removal of the skip shift and much more.  We can tune it to the modifications you have made to your vehicle and even the climate and altitude you live in.  Our customer rave about this upgrade.
What is the best way to add performance to my Viper?

Well, the first thing you have to do is decide what it is you are trying to accomplish.  Do you want faster 0-60 time?  More tracking and grabbing power out of the hole?  Faster acceleration throughout he curve?   Once you decide then we can direct you the right way.
Give us a call.
I can't find a PCM for my 2006 Dodge RAM SRT10 can you?

Yes we can get you any year RAM SRT10 or Viper PCM.  Give us a call.
Chrysler is no longer making PCM's for any Viper or Viper truck that is not in production.  Some like the 2006 are extremely hard to find.  Even used or refurbished PCM's are often not available for certain years.  What makes it worse is that the RAM SRT10 had two different PCM's per year.  One for the manual transmission and one for the automatic.  You have to get the exact year and transmission for it to work.
No companies are expected to step in and make any parts for the Vipers or RAM SRT10's since they are limited production vehicles and it is not worth the investment to them.
HOWEVER, we do have a solution.  We can program a different year Dodge RAM SRT10 PCM to be a 2006 for your truck.  Call us for the details.  352 688 8160.
Why do Viper replacement parts keep going up in price?

They are and will continue to do so.  As the parts dry up Chrysler raises the price because they know they can get it.
How do I know which number my Viper was for it's year?

Actually there is no way to know.  All though in general VIN's were assigned in numeric order it is not necessarily how they came off the production line. 
I can find the part I need for my Viper and it is a 2005!?

Chrysler is not making few if any parts for Vipers not in production.  It will become increasingly hard to find replacement parts for any year Viper.  We have a wide network of Viper parts dealers for new and used parts.  We can have pretty good luck on finding what you need.  Call us at 352 688 8160 M-F.
The pressure in the tired is fine but the light is on quick way to fix it please..?

This is a common problem with Prowlers.  You will need to diagnosis which tire it is, for this I would take it to a Chrysler Dealer.  They will probably find a faulty tire sensor in one of your tires.  Have them replace it for you.

Can you get me a third seat seatbelt for my RAM SRT-10?

Yes, we can order our customers any factory or MOPAR part.
How do I find parts Chrysler doesn't make anymore?

We have a nationwide network we use to find new and used parts.  Give us a call 95% of the time we can find it.
I have been trying to find production numbers for 2005 Viper year can you help?

Yes, see our information pages, start here:

I have a 1994 red Viper.  What products do you suggest to put on it?

I personally feel the best first items to add are:

Check out our new interior products for the Viper 1992-1996 they are really nice?

ACC-DVGC107  Polished Gas Cap
ACC-DVRT105  Rear License Plate Panel Highly Polished

M-DV2DK1C   Dodge Viper A/C all 'Chrome' Aluminum replacement Knobs Set of 3
M-DV2CLK     Dodge Viper metal Chrome cigarette lighter  

Of course the choice is up to you.  There is no right answer.
Best Wishes!

Hello, Can you please tell me where the best place to look for a used Viper?

Yes,, they have the largest selection.
Does the tinted headlight lenses reduce the amount of light?

Yes, they do to some degree.
DO you guys sell these billet inserts to replace the honeycomb ones that are in my 2005 SRT-10 Quad Cab? I would need it for the hood scoop and for the two ones on the bottom of the front bumper.
We are the only company that makes this complete set.  It is a special order set.
We have them in stock.
Does your company  have a catalog you can mail me?

Yes we do!  Call or order online.  Free when you are making a purchase - just ask.


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