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Part #

  Item Picture Price Shipping within Continental USA
BGF-PMC-S-RAMSRT  Dodge RAM SRT10 (2004-06) PCM  / ECM Upgrade - Performance Tune Service. 
Send us your PCM and we 'Performance Tune' it!
A Whopping 70-80HP Gain!*

Your RAM SRT-10 came from the factory with a lot more performance than your engine Powertrain Controller Module is programmed to let you have......  Why?  Because of emissions standards, gas mileage, ect.
We have the only lab in the country that can tune this factory PCM.

You remove and send us your PCM insured to us and we send it back....ready to go for you to install! Average performance returns are 70 to 80 Horse Power Gains not including upgrade parts such as headers, exhausts, ect...

This PCM Upgrade is designed for stock RAM SRT-10 or with some modifications (mild cam, cold air, headers).  Upgrades include:
Revised Premium fuel & timing tables- (91 or 93 Oct)
Rev limit raised to 6200
Shift points raised to 5950 rpm
Cooling fan duty cycle modified
Torque management removed automatic only
Modified A/C off at WOT Feature

In addition, we can program any additional after market performance modifications you've installed such as performance Headers or Exhaust, removed Cats, turbo charger, and more.
Programming performed by the nations leading experts in this PMC Programming with over 18 years experience.
* Many other engine programming services available - just ask us.

In regards to this service:
Note: Mechanical/Electrical performance parts listed or sold through this site cannot be used on vehicles used on public streets or highways. These parts may be used only on vehicles used solely in sanctioned off-highway events. No other applications are intended or implied
Note: PCM Modifications are for OFF-ROAD use only, and sold "as is" unless otherwise noted with no implied warranty! 
Additionally PCM upgrades may affect the emissions characteristics of the vehicle. If you install PCM Upgrade and your vehicle consequently fails state or local I/M emissions test, including any test required to maintain or renew your vehicles registration, or if your vehicle is subject to a emissions recall, Hot Car Accessories, Inc. is not required to repair your vehicle, and you may be required to remove the PCM Upgrade at your own expense in order to obtain repairs necessary to pass the I/M test or to perform the recall.
* Horse power gains are within the engine performance curve at certain power settings.

** If your vehicle has modifications such as a super charger, turbocharger, nitrous or upgrade Cam, this tune is not available.

This Tune will  'Knock your Socks' OFF!

This Tune will  'Knock your Socks' OFF!

Includes Performance Tuning
on your PCM

INFO needed:
- Year/Make/Model
-Fuel Type
- Modifications list
- Requested non-standard changes or comments

NOTE:  The Ram SRT-10 PCM is located on the Passenger inner fender

Removing the PCM:
1.  disconnect battery
2.  remove gray wire
3.  remove white wire
4.  remove black wire

Installing PCM:
1. connect battery
2.  Connect Black wire
3.  connect white wire
4.  connect gray wire

$ 569.00 You'll Love it!
Price subject to change without notice

Choose Year:



Special Order
Not Refundable

2-3 week delivery

If you are having trouble ordering online: Please call us at 352 688 8160

When shipping your circuit boards to us -
1.  Pack them very carefully in an oversized box with lots of padding.
2.  Insure for $1500.00
3.  Ship via UPS (NOT US Mail).


$ 39.95

We welcome our many Overseas Customers!
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VS-SCT-TUNE Dodge RAM SRT-10 (2004-2006) SCT XCalibrator 2 Custom PCM  / ECM  Flash Device
Best SCT Viper Engine Upgrade Tune in the World!

This tune is done by the Worlds BEST Viper engine tuners!
Finally, the Dodge RAM SRT-10 owners have a means of flash-programming their Powertrain Control Modules to make changes in the way the engine systems operate or to correctly control aftermarket engine modifications without the need for piggyback or inline controllers, or going to a replacement controller. The capability of the factory PCM is greater than expected, and as of now, can finally be programmed by the end user easily and without so much as removing a single screw.

The flash programmers (XCal3) can hold a total of 3 tunes plus the stock tune. The end user can switch between these tunes any time they would like by plugging the controller into the OBD-2 port under the driver side dash. An SCT/DCX authorized dealer such as ours can edit these tunes at any time if the car is upgraded again, and now that the LiveLoad software has been released, these tunes can simply be e-mailed to and uploaded by the customer at home. The flash programmer will VIN lock to your car once it is used, although the programmer can be unlocked and moved to a different car for a fee if you happen to sell or change vehicles. The XCal2 can also read and erase DTC's to extinguish the check engine light and diagnose faults.

The purchase price includes 1 XCal3, and up to 3 basic tunes. Additional basic tunes can be added later, but are not required during the initial purchase and can be added at any later date call for price.  Our lab will work with the customer to determine what parameters will be changed, such as injector scaling, fan temps, spark and fuel maps, decel fuel modes, etc. YOU chose your parameters, or you can have us choose them for you. There is no hidden fee for custom tunes, each and every customer has the option to specify what they want in their tunes. Please contact us if you have any questions on what can be edited on your program. Large scale custom tuning also available for extremely modified engines, this is charged by the hour for writing tunes.

All these features make this device a "must have" for all GEN3 Viper owners.  RAM SRT10's from years 2004-2006 will also have an additional benefit of faster 0-60mph times!

Select Below your Processor Code, this is the part number found on your PCM. If your code is not listed, please contact us it just needs to be added.
The PCMs on 2004-2006 RAM SRT10's are located on the Passenger side firewall, right behind the upper radiator hose and to the rear of the headlight. Also select the number of tunes you wish to start with, additional tunes can be added later.

This price includes one (1) advanced upgrade tune.  However, this device allows you to have up to three (3) custom tunes. Each additional tunes added is an additional (Call for price).  We will need to know all the modifications to your Viper and what fuel you will be using.

Adding up to 30 rear wheel horsepower and 30 rear wheel torque has never been this easy and inexpensive! This SCT flash device allows quick and easy power upgrades by simply plugging it into your diagnostic computer port and downloading one of the low, medium or high performance custom tunes made The SCT XCalibrator 2 arrives to you with 1 performance tune, custom written and tested and includes- the skip shift feature turned off, disabled downstream O2 sensors for "off road" cat delete and programming to turn the fan on at 181 degrees versus the stock setting of 210 degrees. This versatile tool also allows the user to diagnose check engine lights and clear trouble codes. Your factory tune will never be lost either as the XCalibrator 2 has the ability to store it if you ever choose to go back to the factory settings. All these features make this device a "must have" for all GEN3 Viper owners. 

Example:  The following performance gains were recorded on our in-house dyno using 93 octane fuel : Rear Wheel HP / Rear Wheel Torque gains @ RPM are; 5 HP / 13 TQ @ 2,000 RPM, 6 HP / 13 TQ @ 2,500 RPM, 7 HP / 14 TQ @ 3,000 RPM, 20 HP / 30 TQ @ 3,500 RPM, 25 HP / 31 TQ @ 4,000 RPM, 30 HP / 35 TQ @ 4,500 RPM, 25 HP / 26 TQ @ 5,000 RPM, 12 HP / 11 TQ @ 5,500 RPM. These tunes were carefully created and tested to allow maximum performance without engine pinging.

Please include your phone number so we may call you to get all the information we need.


*Removes your Top Speed Governor!
*Gets rid of  your Skip Shift!
*Your engine runs cooler!
...and so much more!!

Custom Tuned to your Viper Specifically!

*TO find PCM Processor Code:
PCMs on 2004-2006 RAM SRT10 trucks are located on the

passenger side firewall. it is black with an aluminum back. it will have either 3 or 4 connectors depending on whether you have an automatic or manual trans.

INFO needed:
- PCM Processor Code
- Year/Make/Model
-Fuel Type
- Modifications list
- Requested non-standard changes or comments

Example;  This is mounted on your PCM.
Circled in Red is the Processor Code we need.

$ 699.00 SALE Price
$ 769.00* Regular Price
Includes the default factory tune as well.
Price subject to change without notice

Octane of fuel used

PCM Processor Code:

Last 8 Digits of VIN


Custom Service
Not Refundable

1-2 week delivery

**Call us for more details:
352 688 8160 M-F, EST

NOTE:  The Ram SRT-10 PCM is located on the Passenger inner fender.

$ 24.95

We welcome our many Overseas Customers!
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Dodge RAM SRT10 (2004-2006) Upgrade Billet Under Drive Crank Pulley

High Quality made in America.  All Pulleys are CNC machined from aircraft 6061-T6 aluminum. Lighter stronger Pulleys.  Small pulley is much less work for your engine to turn - giving you more HP to the power train.  Estimated 10-12 HP
ADD Throttle response to your V-10 with our new T6061 Billet Under-drive Pulley!  Machined here in the USA from T6061 billet aluminum, dropping from the factory diameter pulley to our under-drive pulley slows down the unnecessary amount of power to the accessories, thus adding free HP and  dropping your quarter mile times! During testing we have seen on average 10-12 RWHP, and a tenth or two quicker in quarter mile acceleration. This ONE PIECE PULLEY made of strong billet comes with  new bolts (when necessary).


Use 1 inch shorter Belt needed available from local auto store.  Not included.

Smaller, Lighter - Stronger  Gain 10 HP!

$ 249.00 each
Price subject to change without notice


15% Restock Fee on Returns
 Return Policy

1-2 week delivery

If you are having trouble ordering online: Please call us at 352 688 8160


$ 19.95


We welcome our many Overseas Customers!
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SUM-HT2269 Dodge RAM SRT10 (2004-2006) High Performance Lifters (set of 20)

Set of 20.  Your valves will open more quickly from a fully closed to a fully opened position with a roller setup, compared with conventional flat lifters, when you use these lifters. You will notice higher performance, quieter engine operation, and more horsepower. These lifters also provide proper vacuum and idling capabilities.


 Sealed Power HT2269 - Sealed Power Hydraulic Roller Lifters


$ 379.00
Price subject to change without notice


Special Order
Not Refundable

1-2 week delivery

If you are having trouble ordering online: Please call us at 352 688 8160

$ 29.95


We welcome our many Overseas Customers!
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IH-SK48RE Dodge RAM SRT10 (2004-2006) Automatic Transmission (48RE) Shift UPGRADE Kit

Improve the performance of your 48RE transmission and firm up the shifts.  This kit is a shift improvement kit and will definitely bump up that slow first to second shift time.  This is a complicated install and we recommend professional installation, but it can be done at home if you’re comfortable with taking apart your valve body.  Includes detailed instructions.
Shift UPGRADE Kit!
Price subject to change without notice



Special Order
30% Restock Fee on Returns
Return Policy

1-2 week delivery

If you are having trouble ordering online: Please call us at 352 688 8160


$  24.95

UPS Ground

We welcome our many Overseas Customers!
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