DODGE VIPER Window Banner Decal




 Parts included:  Windshield Decal, Small MacTac squeegee

 Items needed:  One bucket of water with a drop of dish soap.    


1.  Measure the length of the decal and lightly mark it with a pencil at the center point.


2.  Get a regular size bucket and fill with water.  Add a drop of dish soap. Wash the window thoroughly. It is best to do this in the shade or in a heated garage depending on the season.  Once the windshield is clean spread the soapy water all over it.

3.  Measure the length of the top of your windshield glass. Divide by two and identify the center of the windshield.  Take a grease pen or china marker and mark the center point at the top of the windshield.


4.  Carefully take off the waxy paper backing to the decal. You are left with the letters on the clear plastic. 


5.  Take the decal and place it on the windshield letters against the glass while the glass is wet with soapy water.  Slide the decal around until it is exactly where you want it.

6.  Take the squeegee in one hand while carefully holding the decal against the glass.  Use the MacTac squeegee to smooth out the wrinkles and bubbles in the decal.  It is best to start from the center and work your way out to the outsides.

7.  Let the decal dry on the glass in the shade.  Once it is completely dry gently pull of the decals backing leaving just the letters on the windshield.

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