PART# ACC-962003


Items included:  2 x Chrome Vinyl Strips, 1 x Adhesive Promoter packet or pen.                    


1.  Prepare the area surrounding the hood vents by washing it first with soap and water to remove any dirt and grime. Dry completely and then scrub trim area of hood vent with household Rubbing Alcohol to remove any and all wax or silicone treatments. Let dry.
2.  Carefully wipe area where trim is to be applied with the Adhesive Promoter (provided).  Although you might consider using a Q-Tip to avoid excess Promoting liquid around the area.  You can moisten the Q-Tip with the Adhesive Promoter wipe.
Try not get any of this liquid anywhere else.  Wipe off excess immediately and completely.  You can use the Rubbing Alcohol for this as well.


3.  Peel back the backing material on the underside of the trim a few inches.  Peel it away as needed.  Peeling it all at once and you risk it sticking to everything it comes in contact with.

4.  Starting at the very “center” of the vent side closest to the windshield, work the flexible trim around the perimeter.  The edge of the trim will lay on top of the car hood.  The backside with the adhesive will stick  to and be  pressed up against the edge of the Black Vent Screen. Work your way around to the start point.

You will have excess trim. Simply cut excess off (pair of scissors or razor knife) leaving it just hairs width longer than necessary. Force the trim edge into a nice tight butt-seam with the trim edge you started with. Press along the entire length of molding firmly to set. 
If the trim buckles at all when smoothing it down it means it is slightly too long. Trim off excess.

Remember it is better to trim too little than too much. If necessary keep trimming very slight amounts of the trim off until it fits.
5. Repeat the same steps for the opposite side.
Look closely to see the seam on the Window side of the Vent.   Note how the trim rests on the hood yet is butted up against the side of the Vent cover. 

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