Items Included:  2 chrome rings, 4 screws, 1 Dodge emblem sticker

Items Needed: Screw driver, Drill, scratch ĎAllí or ice pick

1.  Simply place one of the chrome rings on the Ďtopí of the hole on the side of the Trunk Deck.

Be sure to carefully center the ring.  The Ďtopí of the Trunk Deck is the face that has the Velcro along the sides. 

2.  Once you have the chrome ring centered in position - mark the screw holes by inserting a pen through the chrome rings screw holes and making a dot the Trunk Deck.  The holes in the chrome ring should line up with the screw hole markings you made earlier. 
Now remove the chrome ring and indent the two marks you made where the screws will screw into. You can use a small nail and hammer or an ĎAllí (ice pick) to indent the screw holes
to help you get the screws started. 


3.  Next, position the Chrome ring centered as before. Make sure the screw hole marks line up with the screw holes in the chrome ring.  Start with one of the holes in the top of the chrome ring.  Insert one of the screws provided. Take a screw driver position the screw on the dot you marked with the indent you made.  While pressing down hard on the screw with the screw driver screw in tight. 
Now do the same with the next hole in the chrome ring.  Donít over tighten the screws they only need to be snug. Once the screw head is flush with the top of the chrome ring you are done.


NOTE:  Be careful that the screw holes you mark on to the Trunk Deck are not too close

to the hole opening.  Chrome rings should be facing up on the top side of the trunk deck.
Finally attach the sticker Dodge emblem as shown in picture below. Clean the surface area where you intend to put the sticker with rubbing alcohol to rid it of any oil otherwise, it will not stick.

NOTE:  Your Trunk Deck is designed to sit on top of your factory spare tire inside your trunk.
If you do not have one inside your trunk you will need something inside of about the same

height to hold the center of your deck up.

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