DODGE VIPER Gen I Engine Trim Chrome Strips




Items Needed: Household Rubbing alcohol, Scissors, Pen

Items Included:  8 chrome strips, Adhesive promoter packets


WARNING – It is extremely important to follow the steps below to ensure that your new part bonds permanently and professionally.  Do not skip any of the prepping procedures.


1.  With a damp soapy cloth remove any road grime and dirt from your valve covers on your engine exposed aluminum ribs.  Then scrub with household Rubbing alcohol. Let dry.


2.  Pull the little sponge like piece out of the packet (packets provided). Very carefully wipe the area where you are going to stick the Chrome Strips on top of your engine’s metal strips.  Wipe away any excess liquid on the engine. This liquid is designed to interact with the tape on the back of your Chrome Strips to form a permanent bond.
Be careful when opening the packet as the watery liquid can spill. 
If you get the Promoter liquid on your hands be sure to wash you hands. 


3.  Repeat until you have installed all 8 strips.

NOTE:  If there are any spaces along any of the strips that a part of your engine will not
 allow you to cover, simply cut the strip in two and place on both sides of the obstacle.

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