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DODGE VIPER SRT10 (2003-2008)
Skip Shift Eliminator



The intent here is to intercept the electronic signal coming from the cable attached to your transmission 1-2 Solenoid with our Skip Shift Eliminator device.  

NOTE:  Safely lift your car so you can stand underneath of it.

1.  Start View is a picture of the transmission with the cover-plate bolts removed before install process begins.

2.  Picture 1 shows that 4 screws must be removed to release plate running over exhaust from the main under-plate. 

3.   Picture 2 - Remove all torque screws to lower main under-plate.

4.   Picture 3 - We chose to let plate suspend in air, but you could completely remove plate if you choose.

5.   Picture 4 - Remove Plug (attached to the cable) from Solenoid mounted along Driver side of Transmission.

6.   Picture 5 - Install Stop Plug supplied into solenoid.

7.   Picture 6 - Picture of Plug w/ Capacitor next to plug removed from Solenoid.

8.   Picture 7 - Connect Plug on the Skip Shift Eliminator w/Capacitor to Cable with Plug removed from Solenoid.

9.   Picture 8 - Zip tie wire/plug/capacitor to harness running along side.  Remove with razor knife excess zip tie for clean installation.

10.  Diagram A Note at the rear of the transmission is the Reserve Solenoid - DO NOT TOUCH THIS!

11.  Now Install Main under-plate back.  Be sure all screws and torque screws are torqued well as vibration tends to loosen screws when driving.

12.  Install Complete!

NOTE:  If you have any trouble putting your Viper in Reserve it means you have plugged your SSE into the wrong solenoid.  turn the car off and remove the SSE
or re-install into the correct solenoid.

Does fit 2003 - 2008 Vipers


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This Frame has opened up into a New Window