Parts Included

1 x Stainless Cover Plenum Cover,  1 x Adhesive Promoter Pack


Introduction:  This new cover is designed to permanently attach to the factory plenum enhancing the overall look.

Liner Information:  Your new accessories will come to you with a protective clear top surface liner.  Leave this liner in place until the installation is complete to prevent finger prints and or possible scratches during installation.



1.  It is critical for you to thoroughly clean the surface where you will be mounting it.  To do this wash the area with soap and water.
Next use rubbing alcohol and thoroughly scrub the area.  If there is any wax or oil of any kind your trim ring will not stick well.

included and try sticking it on to the surface you will be mounting your Plenum Cover.  Try it in several locations.  Stick and pull off.  If it sticks tightly your surface is ready for you to mount your Plenum Cover.  If it does not stick well re-clean surface.


3.  Take out your Plenum Cover - without removing the back liner - set it up against the area it is to be mounted.  You will definitely need to gently bend the the Plenum Cover piece to match the contour of the engine surface.  Become familiar with the way it will fit once mounted. 


4.  Take out the Promoter and rip the packet open.  Remove the moistened towelette and wipe down the areas where you will be mounting your Plenum Cover.


5.  Remember - Before you peel back the read backing - place the cover into position to check the overall fitment and contour. Although the new cover comes to you pre-shaped it will be absolutely necessary to further shape the cover by hand so that it matches the contour of the factory plenum perfectly.
IMPORTANT: Doing this will prevent the cover from popping up long term.

6.  Once you are satisfied with the shape and contour peel the red release liner from the back of the unit and then hold it about a half inch from the mounting surface. 
Line it up carefully.  Now gently set it in place. Make any last slight adjustments. 
Once satisfied - Press firmly along the entire perimeter to set the bond.  Remove protective liner.


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