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DODGE Viper SRT/10 (2003-2006)
Stainless Steel Water Tank Cover


Includes:   1 x Water Tank cover;  1 x Chrome Replacement Fluid Cap,  4 x Velcro cookies

Installation of the passenger side water tank cover is very simple. You have been supplied with four Velcro attachment cookies. Scrub clean with Isopropahol (found at any hardware dept)  the top side of the water tank.  Once completely clean and oil free then swipe this area with the adhesive promoter provided.  Let dry for 2 minutes.


Install the four cookies to the top of the tank making sure they are set with all the same side down meaning all hook or all loop.  Expose the top Velcro halve and set them in place over the mounted cookie. This will expose and make ready the Velcro to receive the new cover.   Be sure that the cookies on the water tank and the water tank cover line up with each other.

Your new cover contains a small hole that will allow you to disconnect the hood pin switch and reroute the connector though this hole and back up to reconnect the pin switch.


Then with the cookies exposed simply set the water tank cover in place pressing along the Velcro areas to set.  Lift the cover again and further set the Velcro cookie using your fingers.

Set it back in position and then remove the protective liner.


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This frame has opened up into a Separate Window