DODGE Viper 2008-10 Diamond Mesh Hood Vent Inserts 6pc

PART # ACC-972023


Included:  6 x DIAMOND MESH HOOD VENT INSERTS, 12 x Chrome Locking Ties, 2 x Pen of Adhesive Promoters  


These new mesh grilles are especially designed to be ultra thin so they can be mounted directly to the factory vent surface transforming the hood to a truly custom Viper. Its laser construction will capture light and give a beautiful shimmering effect.  The grille inserts are easy to install in just a few steps.


Your new inserts come to you flat and it is ABSOLUTELY mandatory that they be hand formed to match the contour of each factory hood vent in order to achieve a long lasting and permanent bond.


1.  The first step will be to prepare each factory vent grille surface by thoroughly scrubbing the perimeter with alcohol to remove any and all road grime and dirt as well as any waxes that may have accumulated onto the grilles. Because the attachment area is very small you will need to take some time in scrubbing the area to insure that they have been truly cleaned.  


2.  Once you have thoroughly cleaned the grilles take the promoter pen and snap it in half to break the glass ampoule inside.  Now, swipe the perimeter with the adhesive promoter. IMPORTANT:  This promoter stick is NOT a cleaner but a bonding accelerator and MUST be used to insure a good long lasting and permanent bond.


3.  Now that you have preformed a good preparation the next step will be to place each of the grilles into their right location since they are ALL different it will be easy to determine which one goes where. At this point you will need to gently form (slightly bend) by hand each grille so that it matches the contour and shape of the factory black plastic grille EXACTLY without forcing it. This step is VERY important. One bent to shape the grilles will properly stay that way allowing you to set each grille on top of the factory grille and have it lay completely flush. This will allow the adhesive tape on the back to bond tightly to the factory grilles.


4.  Now that each insert has been nicely shaped simply peel the red release liner from the back of the grilles and carefully place them into position pressing firmly around the perimeter to set.


5.  Each of the six inserts has been provided with two very small security ties. These ties ensure there is no chance they can be up lifted by wind or stolen off your Viper. To install these, pass the tie though the back of the grille from under the hood around the mesh and back under making sure to lash the factory honeycomb grille. Place the ties at either end so as to make them as inconspicuous as possible. The ties need only be snug tight and not so tight as to deform the appearance of the new insert. Then snip off the excess tie. Place the ties in such a way as to look symmetrical as possible when you look at the hood closed for the best appearance., You do not want a random placement of the ties.  It grille should have the ties mounted in the same spot.  Be sure the connecting part of the tie is under the hood.


                                                                                                                                                                                        Ties positions for each grille a website

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