VIPER SRT10 (2003-10) Coupe and Convertible

Part #
ACC-972014 (Coupe)  and # ACC-972015 (Convertible)


PARTS INCLUDED:   2 - Stainless Perforated Rear Grilles;   2 - Adhesive Promoter Packs


These new stainless grills have been designed to add a sleek performance look to the rear valance of your Viper SRT10.


1.   Scrub the lower back edges of the valance with alcohol to remove any and all road grime and dirt. Then apply the adhesive promoter provided to the back edges of the opening.
The application of this adhesive promoter is very important to ensure a strong permanent bond of the new grill.


2.   Remove the carpet pad from the trunk area and factory battery cover. This is to allow access to the rear of the grills.


3.   Starting with the passenger side, place the appropriate grill into the valence opening to familiarize yourself with just how the grill is to be manipulated into the hole and to
determine the correct placement. This can be done by reaching your arm over to the passenger side through the driversí side opening so that you will be able to reach the grill
from behind and use both hands to manipulate the grill into position.  A properly placed grill is one that will align the two back corners with the edge of the opening. Because the
opening has a slight curve to it, the center of the opening will not line up. However it will make enough contact to allow a bond and also will cause the lower part of the opening to become nice and strait once bonded. The correct installation procedure for each grill will start by placing them into the center of the valance hole at the rear corner and swing the
outer end into the opposite side. Push firmly at the top as you reach to the rear of the grill and squeeze the grill and valance together. This will create the bond so it is important to
be very thorough when pressing the two areas together.


4.   The driver side is a little less difficult since you can easily reach the rear of the grill from the battery opening. Place it in position in the same way as the passenger side and
firmly squeeze the grills back edge to create the bond. Replace the battery cover and carpet.


5.   Once the grilles are installed, take the long chrome vinyl strip and hold it up to the rear end as it will be mounted (see picture).  Once you are comfortable with how it will fit,
remove the backing film exposing the tape.  Take your packet of promoter and wipe the area where you will be attaching the trim strip.  Carefully line up the strip as you did before
and press firmly across the whole length.  Let sit for 4 hours.

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