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DODGE Viper SRT10 Rear
Inner Fender Cover with two Chrome Fluid Caps.
Part# ACC-973013  



This rear fender cover is a unique accessory designed to enhance and cover your viperís engine bay with little effort.  Simple hand tools are all that is necessary to install and maintain your beautiful new accessories.


Rear Fender Cover
1 x Rear Fender Cover,  2 x Billet Chrome Replacement Caps, 1 x Promoter Packet

1.  The next step will be to loosely place the cover into position to get acquainted with just how it will sit. You will notice that the rear support section of the driver side cover will contain a Velcro attachment strip and it also shows you where that strip will be installed in the engine bay.   We use this method of attachment so that you can remove the cover to access your engine bay.

2.  Thoroughly clean that area where you are going to stick the Velcro tab with rubbing alcohol to remove any and all dirt and possible grime. Then swipe the same area with the adhesive promoter packet provided then remove the protective liner from the Velcro half and set it firmly in place along the back lower edge you just prepared. 

3.  Press firmly here to insure a good bond. Then simply set the new cover in place over the fuse box.

4.  Install the two chrome billet caps included.

5.  Remove the clear protective top liner. 

This frame has opened up into a Separate Window

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