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Viper SRT/10 Polished Stainless Steel Plenum Trim
Part #

PARTS INCLUDED:   1 - Stainless Steel Plenum trim; 1 - Adhesive Promoter Packet, 1 - Tape Test Stick Kit

1.   Wait until engine is cool.  Then scrub the top of your engine manifold with alcohol to remove any and all road grime and dirt.

 2.  Take the Plenum Trim and set it on top of the engine manifold where it is to be mounted.  Observe the fit.  Do all areas of this part lie flush with the engine manifold?
You will probably have to bend some of the corners slightly to get a good flush fit.  You will want to slightly bend down the front center tab on the Plenum Trim.  Do any bending with your hands only.  Try setting the trim piece on top of the engine manifold again.  Repeat the process  until you are satisfied with the fit. 
Remember once to stick the piece to the engine manifold you will not be able to remove it again without damaging it.

3.  Now rip open the packet of Promoter you received.  Wipe the moist towlette over the entire engine manifold.  They prepares the surface to accept the tape on the back of your Plenum Trim.

4.  Next remove the red backing from the rear of the Plenum Trim cover.  You will have exposed the sticky tape back.

5.  Very carefully position the Plenum Trim over the engine manifold where it is to be mounted.  Hold it about one inch above.  Once you feel it is lined up properly lightly set it down on the engine manifold.  At this point you may adjust it slightly if needed.

6.  Once the Plenum Trim is in position press down along the entire trim piece so that it lies flat and flush on the engine manifold.

7.  Now peel off the clear plastic from the front of the Plenum Trim.


This Frame has opened up into a New Window

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