Viper SRT/10 03-06 Hood Scoop Stainless Steel Perforated Grille
Part # ACC-972010


PARTS INCLUDED:   1 - Stainless Perforated Perforated Hood Grille;   1 - Adhesive Promoter Packet


This new stainless grills have been designed to add a sleek performance look to the hood scope of your Viper SRT-10.


1.  Scrub the inner opening of your Viper's hood scoop with alcohol to remove any and all road grime, oil residue and dirt.

2.  You will have to remove the plastic air deflector inside your  hood scoop.  It is attached with three screws under the hood.  Once it is removed clean it of any dirt and oil residue.


3.  Remove the Hood Scoop Grille from its clear plastic bag.  Without taking the backing off, hold it in place where on the hood scoop deflector that you just removed to see how it fits.  Move it around so you are comfortable of exactly how it will fit into place.  Once you mount it - it will be hard to move and remount and may not stick as well.


4.  Now apply the adhesive promoter provided to the back edges of the opening on the plastic deflector.  The application of this adhesive promoter is very important to ensure a strong permanent bond of the new grill.

5.  Remove the backing from the Hood Scoop Grille.  Hold it carefully in both hands without touching the back side with the mounting tape on any surface.  Gently slide it into place
in the opening of the Hood Scoop deflector.  Just set it in light at first.  Make any last minute little adjustments.  


6.  Press the taped area on to the inside of the Hood Scoop deflector opening. 

7.  Carefully reinstall the deflector now mounted to the Hood Grille.  Remove any protective clear plastic on the face of the grille (if applicable).


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