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Dodge Viper SRT10 (2008-2010) Center Hood Scoop Laser Grille

PART # ACC-972011




1 - Stainless Hood Laser Grille

1 - Adhesive Promoter Pen 


This new grille has been designed to fit directly in back of the 2008-10 Viper hood vent opening.  The grille will offer a nice shimmering look to the hood in just a few simple steps.


 1. The first step will be to prepare the mounting area just under the hood in front of the hole opening by scrubbing the flat platform with rubbing alcohol to remove any and all road grime and dirt. Then swipe the area once with the adhesive promoter provided.


2. Your new grille insert comes to you preformed however you will need to further shape the part by hand so that you achieve a nice contoured fit at both the mounting position as well as the contour of the opening.  Since the grille is relatively thin it can easily be shape to conform to the hood. Hold the grille up to the hood scoop opening and bend as needed.  Continue this process until you are comfortable that it fits perfectly in place. Once you have achieved a nice contoured fit simply remove the red release liner from the installation tab and then carefully press into position.   The "L" shaped tab with the mounting tape on it faces towards the front end of the car or as you are standing in front of the car looking at the grille the tab would be on the bottom of the grille. a website

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This frame has opened up into a Separate Window