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DODGE Viper SRT-10 (2003-2006) Fuel Rail Covers
High Polished Stainless Steel

PART # ACC-973006


PARTS INCLUDED:  2 x Stainless Fuel Rail Inserts,  6 x Chrome Bolt Covers 123NC


These new and unique inserts have been designed to enhance the intake manifold and fuel rail assembly with a sleek high performance look. They are made of high grade 304 stainless steel vented to allow heat dissipation and yet add to the overall appearance of the viper power house engine.

  1. Starting with the passenger side, Remove the three fuel rail bolts and set aside for a moment. Manipulate the correct rail under the wiper cowl ridge over the engine so that you can insert the insert with the teeth into the valve cover slots. Gently set the insert back as you carefully manipulate the injectors and injector wires so as to allow the insert to set in place over the fuel rail bolt hole exposed earlier. You may also need to gently force the new rail under the pressure port cap just to the right side of the fuel rail. Allow the wires to rest between the angled top edge of the new insert and the chrome fuel rail itself. This will also be the placement for the driver side.


  1. Align the three holes and then insert the factory bolts and tighten.


  1. You have been provided with three chrome decorative bolt caps. Place the caps over the bolts and firmly press them on. 
  2. head screw driver push in the upper and lower cable retainer tabs in towards the retainer to release the cable from the cable bracket and pull it completely out and set aside. 
  3. Using a pair of needle nose pliers squeeze the metal clamp on the hose just to the right side of the fuel rail and pull it forward to release the hose, detach it and set aside.  Pull the vacuum hose on the left side by pulling it straight up. 
  4. This next step will be the trickiest part of the whole installation. Manipulate the new insert over the left vacuum tube through the new insert hole being especially careful not to allow the tube to become detached from the under side of the throttle body. This tube although doable will be difficult to reinsert. The best way to prevent this is to manipulate the new insert over the tubes rubber elbow rather then forcing the elbow through the insert. This will reduce the pushing and pulling on the tube that may cause detachment. Once you have managed to get the tube through the hole then work it down the tube to get it as close to the fuel rail as possible to allow you to manipulate the insert into the valve cover notches. Try to insert the cover into the notches as it slides under the wiper cowl ridge. In this procedure you will need to look along the entire length of the insert in order to identify any and all areas that may catch and impede the installation.

    It is important to know that the teeth of the new cover go in first so that the insert will be able to be set back into position. Once you have succeeded placing the insert into position simply reinstalls the factory bolts, vacuum tubes and throttle cable. Then finally press the decorative bolt covers in place.

   7.   Now that you have successfully installed the passenger side insert you should be familiarized with just how to install the driver side. The only difference is that the driver side has a
          couple     of hoses you will need to remove as well as the throttle cable. To begin roll the throttle cable retainer slightly as to allow you to remove it from the throttle bracket and roller
          tension spring. Then using a small flat head screw driver to pry open the bracket holding the throttle cable ball end. 
          Take off the remaining hoses so that you can maneuver the fuel rail cover into place.  Once the cover is secured replace the hoses.el
    8.  Take a tube of clear adhesive silicone (found at any hardware department) and put a healthy sized amount inside each of the plastic chrome caps.  Set each of the caps on over the
         factory bolts and let dry for 12 hours.

If any questions occur during installation, please contact a website

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