DODGE VIPER 3    5pc Engine Cap Set


   4- Billet Fluid Cap Covers,  1- Billet Pressure Radiator Cap,  1- Pack of Adhesive Promoter 

1.  You will notice one of the caps has two notches one larger then the other. Place this cap directly over the factory windshield washer cover so that the large finger tab lines up with the large notch then simply press in place.

2.  You have been provided with a replacement pressure cap for the radiator fill tank. Simply exchange those caps.

3.  You will notice that one of the caps has a Velcro attachment cookie mounted to the underside of the cap which contains a small hole punched out of it. This cookie is to be mounted over the clutch fluid cap in such a way as to allow the factory caps vent hole to protrude thru the Velcro cookie hole. Thoroughly clean the top of the factory cap with household rubbing alcohol to remove any dirt and grime then swipe the factory cap once with the adhesive promoter provided. Position the Velcro cookie in place and press firmly to set. Before placing the new cap cover it will be necessary to trim away a small section of the finger ridges that surround the factory cap. These ridges are very thin and can easily be trimmed with a common household utility knife or snap knife. Simply trim down about 1/4 of each ridge then slip the new cap cover onto the modified factory cap.

4.  The next two cap covers will mount with the Velcro attachment cookies. Simply clean the two remaining factory caps with household rubbing alcohol
 then swipe once with the remaining adhesive promoter the set the Velcro
 cookies and press firmly. Place your new cap cover into position.

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