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DODGE VIPER III Hatch Chrome Screw Covers
Part#  ACC-971001


Included:  41 Caps of three different shapes
Needed:  Tube of clear silicone adhesive found at any hardware department.

Your new button kit has been shaped and assembled of high grade triple chrome plated covers designed to be adhered in place using clear 100% household silicone. This type of adhesive is very reliable and will make for a very simple installation.


1.  Thoroughly clean each of the screw and bolt heads with household rubbing alcohol to remove any loose dirt and grime and to prep the area for adhesion. 

  You will notice that your kit has six large covers. These are to be used for the four rear hatch nuts and the two body panel nuts that you will find at the left and right side of the hatch opening. In order to install these covers apply a small amount of silicone into the cover and simply set in place. Be careful not to apply too much silicone as this will create an over flow of silicone adhesive and make quite a mess. Only a small amount of silicone adhesive just sufficient enough to bond the screw and nut heads to the factory screw heads.

  Your kit contains six smaller covers that have been shaved on one side. These covers are to be applied to the front nose area. The remaining caps are to be applied to the side bolt head of both the hood and rear hatch opening.
Allow silicone to set for several hours to dry.

  If any questions occur during installation, please contact:


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