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DODGE Viper SRT10 Stainless Steel Emblem Replacement Letters
PART # ACC-972013  or  ACC-972022



These stainless letters have been designed to replace the factory painted lettering and will closely match the size shape and position of the stock part.


1.  Place some masking tape just under the factory letters. Mark on the tape the beginning and end of each reading.


2.  Carefully peel the factory letters away from the paint. This will leave some remaining adhesive which must be removed using common household rubbing alcohol.


3.  You have been provided with a green sticker-like letter placement template. Simply remove the liner from the back of the template and carefully set the template in place over the factory letter position marked earlier (and on top of the masking tape still on your car).

Once the template has been correctly set in place swipe the exposed paint of each cut-out letter position with the adhesive promoter pack provided. This will ensure that each of the letters will remain securely bonded in place long term. 
Match the letters up with the masking tape you applied earlier. 


4.  Remove the release liner from the back of each letter or number and then firmly press them in place. Once all letters have been set simply remove the green template and your emblem letters should be in the correct place.


Diagram #1

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This frame has opened up into a Separate Window