Dodge Viper GTS & RT/10 (1992-2002)
Valve Cover Polished Stainless Steel Letters 19pc

Part#  ACC-963010

Items Included:   tainless Steel Letters & logos (3 x Snake Head emblems, 2 x Viper word logos ;  1 x  Promoter packet or pen

1.  You should have pieces that spell out "VIPER" and a total of three emblems (2 for one side and 1 for the other)
for both Valve Cover.  Nineteen pieces in all. 

2.  When your engine is cool to the touch wash the area on your engines Valve Covers with rubbing alcohol where you are going to mount the letters.   It is a good idea to rough up the value cover letters surface so that your trim letters will stick better.  You can use some sand paper.

3.  Without removing the rear red liner on the letters - Set each number on top of Cover to see how it fits.  They should fit perfectly on each letter.

4.  Once you are comfortable with how each letter fits take your promoter packet or pen and open it (you must snap the pen at its midpoint to initiate it). 
Wipe down the raised 3-D letters and logos on the Valve Covers where you are going to mount your new stainless steel letters.

5.  Let dry for 2 minutes.  Remove the back off one letter at a time and place it on top of the Valve Cover where it goes.  Press firmly all along the surface of the each Letter.

  If you Letters have a clear plastic protective seal on top of them you may peel it off at this time.

7.  Let sit over night. 

8.  Clean with a good glass cleaner as needed.

If you have any questions during installation please contact us at is a site

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