DODGE VIPER Rear View Mirror Trim with Logo

PART  ACC-961007 or ACC-961008



Items Included:  1 x Stainless steel trim ring with Viper head, 1 x Adhesive promoter pen, 1 x Tape Test Kit


  1. Wash your Vipersí rear view mirror with a good glass cleaner. Next, take some rubbing alcohol and wipe along the perimeter of the glass mirror where you are going to mount the trim.  It is imperative that you remove any oils from the glass.  Use the tape test kit to check to see if the test tape strip sticks to the mirror glass.  If it does go to the next step, it it does not clean until it does.
  2. Take the Rear View Mirror Trim without removing the back liner and hold it up to your rear view mirror.  Practice positioning it to see how it fits. Once you are comfortable with the fit remove the liner from the back to expose the automotive tapes sticky side.
  3. Take the Promoter Pen and snap it in the middle to break the ampoule inside. Press it down on a piece of cardboard to get the liquid promoter flowing.  Very carefully using the promoter pen apply the promoter along the perimeter of the glass rear view mirror.  This will help to enable a tight bond when you install the trim.
  4. Carefully and slowly hold the trim over the mirror. Gently maneuver it into place.  Do not press it down at first. Once you are comfortable with the position press the trim down on to the mirror glass.  With your fingers press firmly all along the trim piece so that it sits completely flat on the glass mirror.
  5. Let dry overnight before touching or exposing to sunlight or extreme heat.




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