Dodge Viper Lift Arm - with required drill bits.
For Gen I & II Dodge Vipers
Part# DVLA002



Items Included:

(1) Lift Arm;  (2) Ball head with threaded stud; (1) ¾ inch Spade Drill Bit;  (1) 5/16 inch Drill Bit;  (2) nuts

1.  Raise your Viper trunk to as high as you want it to open.  Find something to safely prop up the trunk lid in that position while you work.

2.  Take out the Lift Arm and hold it up to in the position you want it to be in when
the trunk lid is all the way open.  Line up the Lift Arm so that the top is about 1 inch away from the trunk lip (see photos).  Mark the center of where the top of the lift arm will attach to the trunk lid.


3.  Take the 5/16 inch drill bit and drill a hole through the side of the black trunk lid all the way through to the other side.  (see photos) 

4.  Now take the large ¾ inch spade drill bit and center it on the hole that you made on the “inside” of the trunk lid.  (see photos)
This will give you room to reach in with a socket wrench to screw on the nut to the secure the top of the lift arm to the trunk lid.

5.  Take one of the two ball screws included and insert it into the 5/16 inch hole you drilled on the outside of the trunk lid.  Attach the nut from the inside of the trunk lid where you drilled the ¾  inch hole.  Tighten firmly.

6. Now extend the trunk to the maximum upright position and swing the lift arm down into position where it will fasten to the trunk opening on the back of the car.  Ensure your mark is accurate.  Now drill a 5/16 inch hole into the black housing inside the trunk opening. (see photos).

7.  Insert the 5/16 ball screw Reach inside the trunk compartment and up under and behind the black plastic lip to screw on the nut. 

8. Open and close the trunk to ensure a tight and close and ensure that it opens completely and stays up. 

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