Items Included:  1 x Gas Cap Cover,   1 x Adhesive Promoter,  Tape Test Kit


Note:  Care must be taken when cleaning your gas cap cover since you can scratch it easily.  There may be some small black specks on the surface.  This is a tiny bit of excess glue. You can remove this by wiping a clean soft cloth with a good quality streak free glass cleaner.

Note:  Leave the clear plastic sheet on top of your gas cap until it is installed to prevent scratching the surface.


1. Clean gas cap area first with soap and water to remove any dirt.  Then wipe thoroughly with household rubbing alcohol.  Let dry.


2.  You want to test the surface of your painted stock gas cap cover to see if it will hold the tape.  Now take a piece of the Test Tape (included) or a piece of masking tape and stick it to your cars gas cap.  Try several areas if it sticks go to the next step.  If it does not re-clean until it sticks everywhere on the cap.
3.  Without taking the backing off - place the cap on top of your existing cap and line it up to get an idea of how it fits.  You may have to slightly hand bend your new stainless steel cap to fit the exact curve of your car.  It should set smoothly along the cars surface when mounted.


4.  Carefully open packet of Adhesive Promoter included.  Keep it up so no liquid spills out when opening it.  Using the sponge from inside the packet carefully wipe (only) the area with promoter where you are going to stick the gas cap, i.e. all over the face of your cars existing gas capís surface.  You need to now install the cap right away while the Promoter is active.


5. Peel the red liner off the back covering material without removing the front clear covering material on your new cap.


6. Very carefully holding the cap just off the surface, position the new gas cap into position without pressing down.  Use the opening finger hump on the left side of your existing gas cap to line up your new cap.

BE CAREFUL:  Once the new gas capís backing comes in contact with a surface it is stuck permanently. The cap actually is designed with a slightly larger in diameter than the factory cap, so there will be a very slight over hang. Make any minor adjustments.  Once it is in position set the cap down on top the existing cap lightly.  Make sure you can open your gas cap now.  Make final adjustments quickly. Then firmly press down over the surface of the cap for a permanent bond.

7.  Remove the clear protective liner from the top of the new cap.



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