DODGE VIPER Cup Holder with brushed aluminum trim ring
Part's: UPR-1108-01
  or  UPR-1108-01-T   Deluxe (includes tools)

Items Included Standard Kit:
1 - Cup Holder trim ring
2 - Rubber O-rings
4 - Drill 3 Bit (only included in part kit  # DVCH026)

Care must be taken when preparing the surface of your interior center console.  First put masking tape over the area that you are going to place the cup holder.

2.   Remove the necessary screws in your console.   Lift the top of the console up and look underneath it.  Be sure all is clear to drill.
We have tested certain years. But some Vipers vary.  Check first to be sure it is clear.  

3.  Next find the center point of the circle where your cup holder is going to be placed.  Start by measuring 4.50 (4 ) inches from the passenger side of the center console edge and place a small erasable mark.  Then measure 5.25 (5 ) inches from the lip that crosses the rear of the center console and make a mark that crosses the first mark you placed.  This X is the place you will place your compass.  See diagram below.

4.  Take a drawing compass and put the center needle on the X you have drawn.  Stretch the pencil leg out to a distance of 1 inches.  Swing it around to draw a circle that is 1  inches in radius (3.0 inches in diameter).
NOTE:  Be careful not to make the hole any bigger than 3 inches.  It is better to make it a little too small and have to do a little filing

5.  At this point there are two ways to proceed. 
(a) You may place a 3 inch drill bit at the center and drill a hole..or..
(b) You may drill a small inch or 1 inch hole just on the inside of the 3 inch circle, then take a narrow hand saw (included in kit DVCH026) or a reciprocating hand saw and carefully cut along the inside of the circle youve drawn

6.  Insert the cup holder into the hole.  If the hole is too small then you can use a file or some rough sand paper to cut down the edges to enlarge the hole opening slightly

NOTE:  If it is too big you will need to purchase a beauty ring to go around the cub holder. 
Contact: at for details.


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