PART  ACC-962002



Included is:  1 x Hood Vent Grille, 1 x packet with sponge of clear promoter. 
Needed:  Tube of Clear silicone.

Note:  Your new grille is designed and hand crafted to insert directly into the hood vent opening and to lie flush with the very back of the opening.

WARNING – It is extremely important to follow the steps below to ensure that your new part bonds permanently and professionally.  Do not skip any of the prepping procedures.


1.  Wash the area where you are going to attach the Billet Grill (i.e.. Inside the hood vent) - with soap and water thoroughly to remove any dirt, grease or oil.


2.  Then wash the area with household ‘Paint Thinner’ or something similar to prepare the surface for adhesion. Make sure to wipe the entire intake opening bottom and sides.  This is critical because it dissolves any protectants or wax that can inhibit a good seal.

3.  Lift up the hood to its upright position. Place your new grille into the area thru the back to check its fit and make note of its position. Make sure that it sets completely into the opening.


4.  Once your vent area has been completely prepared open the hood - Then wipe the area with the adhesive promoter packet (provided). This clear liquid prepares the surface for a good bond.  Because the liquid is watery it can spill so open carefully.  Wash you hands when done.  Pull the little sponge like piece out of the packet and very carefully wipe the area where you are going to stick the Billet Grill.
Wipe off any excess liquid immediately from all surfaces before it sets.  You can use the Rubbing Alcohol for this.


5.  Once you are satisfied with the fit and have made note of its position remove the red liner from taped bottom edge of the grille and reinsert it.  After you have successfully repositioned the grille - press firmly to the bottom edge to set attachment tape.

6.  After the grille has been successfully set into position it will be necessary to place a small bead of black or clear household silicone into the side channels of the grille, filling the gap between the channel and the hood vent opening. This will add stability to the grille and provide a permanent installation.

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