1. Remove the factory air intake tubes.


  1. Your new smooth air tube kit comes to you fully assembled. Make note of the order of assembly.


  1. Place the two black rubber collars, which are inserted at both ends of the new tube, one over the air filter and one over the engines intake port.


  1. Remove the red rubber collar from the new tube. Remove the two stainless clamps. Stretch the red rubber collar over the black collar at the air filter location. Once this is done line up the two collars so that the black collar is flush with the air filter port and so that the red collar is overlapped flush with the black collar. Place one of the stainless clamps over the assembly and firmly tighten. Be sure that you have the nut pointing towards the bottom.


  1. Place the second stainless clamp in place but leave very loose.


  1. Remove the chrome connecting clamp from the air tube the air tube by removing the Allen screw completely. BE SURE NOT TO LOSE THE SMALL BLACK SPACER AT THE CLAMP JOINT. Place the chrome connecting clamp over the black collar at the engines intake port and slide it completely over.


  1. At this time you are ready to install the chrome air tubes. Start by forcing the tube into the red collar. Once inserted adjust its position so that it meets flush to the engines intake port. Fasten the second stainless clamp firmly making sure to turn the bolt down and line it up with the first clamp bolt to achieve the best look. You will also want to make sure that both clamps are in a nice straight and even position.
    Note:  The rubber O-ring seal is already mounted inside for you.


  1. Once the air tube is secure slide the connecting collar over both the air tube and the black rubber collar. Make sure the small rubber O ring remains in place at the air tubes ridge. This will insure a proper air seal. Holding the connecting collar in place put the small black spacer back into position and insert the Allen screw and fasten snugly. The Allen screw need only be snug DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN as this will DAMAGE the connecting collar.
  2. Repeat steps 1 thru 8 for opposite side.

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