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Removing old emblem and mounting Replacement Emblems

Mounting Instructions


1.  First, wash the area on the car where you are to mount the emblems with soap and water.  Next, wipe down the area with some rubbing alcohol.  This will help remove any oils that are on the paint surface.  It will not hurt your paint..  

2.  Removing the old emblem:  Take some masking tape and outline the log on the bottom, top and left side (Not the right side), this will give you the outline of where to mount the new emblem.  See diagram 1.

3.  Take the pink scraper included and carefully pry it underneath the old emblem (Diagram 2).  The tool should remove the old emblem easily without scratching your paint.

4.  Important:  Some mounting surfaces will be curved.  Take the new emblem slightly bend the letters to match the curve of the car surface they are going to be mounted on.  Try a little bend then set the emblem on the car and see if it sits right.  If it doesn't then try and again until it fits properly.  See diagram 5.

5.  Now take your new emblem and without peeling off the backing hold it up to the spot where it is to be mounted.  Become familiar with where it will mount. 


6.  If your emblem came with a 'map' - stick the map (stencil) over where you want to mount the new emblem.  Place the emblem letters in the spaces cut out on the map.
(Once completed peel off map).
NOTE:  You can also mark with a pencil on the masking tape tick marks of where each letter or symbol begins if you need exact placement. 

Once you are satisfied, take your packet of promoter included and wipe the area using the damp towelette where the new emblem will mount (this will not hurt your paint).

7.  Peel the liner off the back of the new emblem and carefully and slowly hold it up to the spot where it is to be mounted.  Gently set the new emblem in place without pressing on it.  Make any tiny adjustments needed see Diagram 3 & 4.  Now press firmly on the new emblem all over it's surface to form a tight bond.  Remove the masking tape.  You're done!


  Diagram 1                                                                             Diagram 2     



Diagram 3                                     or                                            Diagram 4



Diagram 5
                                                                             Diagram 6                            


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This frame has opened up into a Separate Window