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Dodge Viper SRT/10 Chin Scratch Guard

PART # ACC-972039



Included:  1 x  Chin Scratch Guard,  3 x 7" and 2 x 6" Chrome Vinyl Protector Pads, 2 x Promoter Packets and One complete EXTRA set of pads loose for spares (3 x 7" and 2 x 6" Chrome Vinyl Protector Pads)

1.  With a helper hold the the scratch guard up to the under chin of your 2003-2010 Viper.  Center the scratch guard.  Move it around to find the sweet spot.  You want it to be as far forward as possible but not show when someone is standing in front of the car.
2.  Once you find the spot you want to mount it mark it on the underside of the car.
3.  Now you will want to slightly bend with your hands the scratch guard so that it lines up exactly with contours of the body. You don't want the tape backing to have to be stressed by pulling the scratch guard into place.  After you shape the scratch guard it should line up nicely when you hold it up to the underside of your front end.
4.  Next you want to clean the surface under the car where you plan on mounting the scratch guard.   This is a critical step so be careful.  Wash the painted surface thoroughly with soap and water and let dry.  Now you will need to wash the same surface with rubber alcohol or
Isopropyl alcohol found in any hardware department.  Scrub aggressively.  After it dries then take a piece of common masking tape and try sticking it to several places on the underside of the car where you are going to mount your scratch guard.  If the tape readily sticks everywhere you try it you are ready for your next step.  If any place the masking tape does not stick aggressively then re-clean the area until the tape sticks.     


5.  Take the packets of promoter included, rip open and wipe the all over the area where the scratch guard will be mounted.  Let dry for 3 minutes.


6.   Now peel off the back side of the scratch guard exposing the taped back.  With your helper carefully line up the scratch guard in the spot you previously marked.  Do not touch the guard to the surface of your car until you have it exactly lined up.  Once it is lined up very gently press the guard against the under surface of the car.  Make any final minor adjustments and then press firmly along the entire surface of the scratch guard. 


7.  Now peel and stick the five rubber protector pads in the cut slots on to the cars underside.


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This frame has opened up into a Separate Window