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Dodge Viper Clear Raised Tail Light logo
Mounting Instructions

Included:  2  x  Clear raised logo stickers, Promoter packer

1.  Wash tail light surface with soap and water.

2.  Re-wash surface with rubbing alcohol to remove any oils including figure tip oils.

3.  Take sticker and hold it in place where you think it looks best (usually the center of the tail light lens).
Once you have decided where it goes mark it with a grease pen or chalk.  Measure and mark the other tail light placement as well.

4.  Rip open your packet of Promoter included.  Wipe down both tail light lens where you are going to mount the sticker.

5.  Let dry for 2 minutes

6.  Peel off the back side of the sticker leaving the top side clear cover on it.

7.  Carefully place the sticker over the area where you intend to mount it.  Slowly and gently set it down on the tail light lens in its correct position.
Before pushing down on it make any tiny last minute adjustments.  Ensure it is straight.

8.  Press firmly all along the surface of the top clear cover getting a good bond on the sticker.  Now carefully pull off the top clear cover.

9.  Repeat the process for the other tail light.


This Frame has opened up into a New Window

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