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DODGE VIPER 6-strip Engine TRIM Polished Strips

Items Needed: Household Rubbing alcohol, Straight razor blade, Pencil  
Items Included: 
6 x chrome strips, 1 x dhesive promoter packet

WARNING It is extremely important to follow the steps below to ensure that your new part bonds permanently and professionally.  Do not skip any of the prepping procedures. 

1.  With a damp soapy cloth remove any road grime and dirt from your valve covers on your engine exposed aluminum ribs.

Then scrub with household Rubbing alcohol. Let dry. 

2.  Then wipe the area with the adhesive promoter (provided). This liquid is sticky and sets up fast - Be careful when opening the packet as the watery liquid can spill out and cause stains or ruin certain surfaces or materials.  Be careful not to get the liquid on your hands or any other part of your body.  Wash you hands off immediately.  Pull the little sponge like piece out of the packet and very carefully wipe the area where you are going to stick the Beauty Strips.  Wipe away any excess liquid on the engine. 

3.  Mark with a pencil the exact position of the throttle plate. Remove the two retaining bolts holding down the throttle plate. Set the bolts and throttle plate aside. Starting from the front of the motor, place the rounded side of the chrome trim and work toward the back of the valve cover (towards the windshield), as straight as possible removing the red liner as you go. Once complete press firmly down the length to set. Do this until you have installed all 6 strips. 

4.  Reposition the throttle plate at the previously marked area and mark the chrome trim on both sides of the throttle plate, then again remove the plate.
Using a straight razor cut the chrome molding at the 2 marks that you just made and remove the section of molding so that the throttle plate can be repositioned and reinstall retaining bolts.

                                                                     Cut space for the throttle plate

This Frame has opened up into a New Window

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