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Vertical Door Hinges

Dodge RAM 2004-2006

Professional Installation:

(Note: The pictures on the manual are for reference only they may not match your vehicle.)

1) Disconnect the battery.

2) Remove head lights:

Pull aside the plastic cover and remove (2) 10mm bolts (fig1) then remove (1) 10mm bolt between the headlight and the bumper (fig 2), this will release the headlight.

Fig. 1                                                                                 Fig. 2

Now disconnect all (3) wire harnesses from the head light, and remove the head light and signal lights.

3) Remove Fender:

Once the lights have been removed you will be able to remove (2) 10mm bolts that are located under the bumper and the headlight.

Remove (4) 10mm bolts on top of the fender and (2) 13mm bolts that hold the battery.

The last 10mm bolt is located under the windshield plastic cover.

To remove the bolts on (fig 3) you will have to remove all the fasteners on the wheel well then pull on the wheel well closest to the door to gain access to the (2) bolts.

The last (2) 10mm bolts are located on the bottom of the fender by the door. After removing these bolts you will be able to remove the bumper.

4) Modify wire layout:

You will need more wire slack in order for the Vertical Doors Inc. system to open all the way up.


Open the door and use the fork to remove the factory wire boot, unplug the wire harness and push it back in the hole and the other side inside the door.

At this point you will have to remove the door panel to extend the factory power window cables.

5) Close door and use painterís tape to secure the door in preparation for factory hinge removal.

Use a 13mm socket to remove the factory hinges.

Hint* (You can make your spacers out of paint sticks and about 8-10 turns of blue painters tape)

6) After you have removed the original door hinges, install the New Vertical Doors Inc. System. Make sure all mounting surfaces are flat.

 Hint* Install the bolts and nuts on the door first then the bolts on the body second.

7) Once hinge is locked in place, break nut #1 then turn Allen set screw #2 on fig until it hits the block then open the door and continue to adjust until the
door matches with the striker, open and close door making sure it closes like factory.

Hint*(leave #1 nut loose until shock is installed Allen set screw will have to be re-adjusted after shock is installed.

8) Install the shock.

Hint* (You will need a helper to raise the door). (Slip the spherical rod mount into the spherical ball bearing (1). Using a 1/4 Allen wrench, tighten the screw into the swing arm (2). After the shock is installed secure it by installing the pin in the bottom shock end (3).

9) After shock is installed re-install door panel and lift the door. Adjust door opening screw #3 clockwise until distance between nub and swing arm is enough so that the swing arm moves up and down freely.

Hint* (Fine tune the Allen set screw (#2) to realigned striker with door. After the door is aligned, test door by opening and closing, lifting and lowering door several times.

Note: Do not install fender until the adjustment of the door is accurate, and the set screw is tightly secure. Also make sure everything is tight, adjustment is set and everything is Locktite.

10) Modify factory wire loom. You will have to open and raise the door, cut the factory wire loom in half and add included wire loom to protect exposed wires.

11) Cut one of the fender clip holders to make room for the new Vertical Doors hinge. Note: After you have cut the fender use a sander or grinder and make sure the surface is completely flat.

12) Lift the door and Replace the fender by reversing step 2 and 3.

Hint*(Make sure the electrical wires donít get pinched enough to damage wires)

13) For the other side just follow steps 2-12.