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DODGE Viper 2 Stainless Steel Engine Strips - Set of 6

PART # ACC-963015



Included:  6 x stainless steel engine strips - peel and stick, one packet of adhesive promoter.


1.  Wash engine valve cover factory bare strips thoroughly with grease remover.  Then wipe down with rubbing alcohol.  Dry off area with clean rag.

2.  Take a piece of masking tape and stick it to each factory bare strip on your engine.  If the tape sticks go to the next step, if not, clean until tape sticks.
3.  Set each stainless steel strip on your factory bare strips.  Line up each to make sure each fits as it should.  Once you are satisfied start with one stainless steel strip at a time. 

Take the Adhesive Promoter packet included and remove tiny pad.  Wipe down each stock engine strip.  Let dry for three minutes.  Remove the red liner off the back.


4.  Take the first strip to be mounted and remove the red liner off the back exposing the tape.  Carefully and lightly set the strip into the correct position on top of the valve cover.  Make any final slight adjustments.  Once done press down firmly along entire surface.  Continue until all pieces are mounted.

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This frame has opened up into a Separate Window